About Us

Modern Baby Essentials Co. is a Canadian baby brand owned by a Mama with a background in early childhood education and development. Best known for it’s collection of minimalist, practical, and stylish essentials for expecting mamas, babies and toddlers, it is our belief that cute + functional baby stuff doesn’t have to break the bank.

Our Story

In the middle of a global pandemic I found myself pregnant with our first “ours” baby.

Most baby stores were shut down, hangouts to meet other new moms to swap lists of ALL.THE.THINGS on our baby registries were restricted, and hours of researching on the internet left me overwhelmed because I didn’t know what would actually get used vs. sit in our house and collect dust.

Minimalist, practical, modern, multipurpose (and always on the lookout for a good deal) have always been my go-to when buying things…and I wanted to be just as intentional when purchasing items for our baby. But I often didn’t know where to look, or what keywords to search.

I remember thinking…..if only there was one site that had stylish, Pinterest-esque, simple essentials for mama-to-be and cute + developmentally appropriate items for baby, how helpful it would be.

It certainly would have saved me from placing orders at a baaazillion different websites and losing track of where I ordered what and what the shipping details were.

As an ECE, I knew many parents I coached struggled with this too. Moms would come to me after my play classes and ask for a list of all the toys I used in our sessions that their baby and tot LOVED, and I’d email them an overwhelming list of links to different sites so they could gather all the items.

So Modern Baby Essentials Co. was born (haha see what I did there). An online shop that has all the things you wished someone told you about before you had your baby…..helpful things a new mama would need during pregnancy thru to birth, to bringing baby home and as baby grows. A shop with must-haves for a postpartum mama and development-based brain-boosting toys grouped by age that are educational and will grow with your littles so your house isn’t filled with stuff.

It is also our mission to keep the items affordable so that your money will go further as you welcome another addition to your family.

We’re so glad you’re here and if there’s anything you’ve really loved in your pregnancy and motherhood journey, reach out and let us know!


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